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Ballet Classes


“Buddy” Ballet the ideal starter class for little ones & their mums. “Buddy” Ballet is a fun class where toddlers are invited to sing and dance along to all their favourite songs and nursery rhymes. Simple instruments and props are introduced to formulate sensory development. The child is invited to bring along a soft toy for comfort and confidence building; their “Buddy”. Perfect for when they can toddle confidently.



Baby Ballet/Tap A more structured class for little ones of two and half years, incorporating a little more structure, but still lots of fun with use of musical instruments and props. Bringing a soft toy is still encouraged to give continuation from our “Buddy” group. Unfortunately, this one is not for mums. In some of the class they even get to try a little tap dancing.

Children's Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Students learn in a friendly environment that is calm, safe and organised. They are taught by ISTD qualified teachers. The style of classical dance is a form characterized by grace and with precision of movement, enhanced by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses, usually danced to classical music. We follow the ISTD syllabus from Pre-Primary to Advanced 2, with classes available at every level.

3bVocational Ballet Classes are provided for students who have achieved good results in Grade examinations, have a love of dance and who may want the opportunity to follow a career in dance. Students accepted to these classes must be able to concentrate for long periods of time and be able to welcome constructive comments and correction. At least three ballet classes are needed each week in order to progress including a private lesson; this class is designed to work on a student’s weak areas and give extra training “one to one”, the students will work on a personal action plan and be given home exercises to improve their dance technique, vital for this high standard of examination.